Subdivision & Taluka

Prant & Sub Divisional Magistrate Office

Under section- 8 and 9 of the land Revenue Act 1879 the Prant officer enjoys power of land revenue administration and exercises power of sub divisional officer by virtue of his office. The Prant officer is a coordination officer of Taluka and exercises control on affairs of other offices of the state government. Moreover, he supervises the work of local self government bodies and revenue work transferred to Panchayats. He acts as Asst. electoral officer of Parliament Election and election officer of  Assembly Election. He also works as election registration officer and electoral officer in election of local self government bodies.

Subdivision (Prant) 
Sr.No. Division Designation Talukas
1 Botad  Prant Officer & SDM   Botad and Gadhada
2 Barwala  Prant Officer & SDM   Barwala and Ranpur